RAID: Shadow Legends
Complete the following steps to get your reward:

  1. Download and open Raid
  2. Create an account
  3. Open 2 Void Shards* in 10 days and get 2 Epic or better champions
  4. Receive your reward
*you can buy Void Shards for +/- €30/$35 in the shop after completing the 5-minute long tutorial. Check the "Daily & Progression" tab in the shop and look for a pack that contains at least 2 Void Shards (purple ones). Remember to open them in the Portal in your Bastion.

The "Starter Pack" is available only for 2 hours after the first game opening and it might be the best value for the new players.

New users only. 10 days count after the game is opened for the first time.
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