User Support

Please, check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section below – it is very likely, that the answer you are looking for is awaiting you there.

You can find your Offerwall User ID on the website or app you are using in the profile or settings section.

In the case of our Offerwall you can find it when you go to Menu > Reward status – the Offerwall User ID will be in the top section just below ‘Status’.

For more detailed instructions with screenshots click

Sometimes it takes a bit longer for the reward to be processed and sent.

In the meantime, you can double-check if you did everything right using  our most common cases list:

  • You did not meet the offer requirements necessary to be awarded. Please review the offer instructions carefully and ensure that you have completed all the steps.
  • The offer required you to validate your email address.
  • You completed the offer through another device or source. All offers must be completed through ayeT-Studios’ Offerwall to be eligible.
  • You had the promoted app installed previously.
  • You installed the promoted app through another provider before completing it through ayeT-Studios.
  • You are using multiple devices. Only one transaction per household is allowed.
  • You installed a promoted app but did not launch it.
  • You installed a promoted app but did not reach the conversion event.

Technical Reasons:

  • You did not have a working data connection when you downloaded a promoted app.
  • You reset your device ID too many times.
  • You were using a VPN while completing the offer.

If you still don’t have your reward 24 hours after completing the offer – please submit a support ticket in the app where you clicked on the offer in the first place.

  • Please, make sure you wait at least 24 hours after completing the offer – sometimes it takes a bit longer to process your reward!
  • Make sure to submit your support request through the app or website where you clicked on the offer in the first place.
  • Support requests sent through email, instant messaging services or any means other than the support ticket system of the offerwall will not be addressed.
  • Be nice! A nice word and a calm tone when addressing your issue make a difference.

You can find detailed instructions with steps and screenshots below.

What is meant by ‘Proof’ is the evidence that you completed the offer and helps us or the Advertiser to verify your eligibility. Please, save all proof showing that you completed the offer to your records. This may include screenshots of your progress, welcome e-mails, payment receipts, registration, order numbers, invoices, etc. Each offer requires a certain type of proof based on the offer instructions. Be sure to read the offer instructions so that valid proof is submitted. Please review the offer instructions and the information below before submitting the required proof based on offer type:

Product/Service Purchase or Registration

  • If you purchased a product or service, please provide a screenshot of the confirmation email, billing invoice, or welcome email you received when you completed the offer. This will allow the Advertiser to look up your records and verify your eligibility.

App Download/Engagement

  • If you downloaded an app, please ensure you’ve run the app for at least 2 minutes and provide a screenshot of the app running on your device.
  • If you downloaded an app and completed an action, provide screenshots showing that you have completed the action.

You can find detailed instructions on how to submit a ticket with steps and screenshots below.

1. The support ticket will be sent directly to the ticket queue of the Support Team.
2. A Support Agent will take over your ticket, investigate your case and check the proof you provided.
3a If the information checks out – the reward will be added to your account.
3b If there was a problem detected in the submitted proof – you will be notified.

You can find detailed instructions on how to submit a ticket with steps and screenshots below.

Our advertising partners have a specifically targeted profile for each offer they add. If you are getting a “no offers available for you” message, please come back and check later – new offers are added all the time.

Many offers have a limited time frame in the completion requirements, meaning that if you complete the offer after the set deadline, you would not receive a reward. Usually, the time frame is written in the offer instructions. Please, always take some time to read the offer instructions carefully to avoid not being rewarded for your efforts.

If you notice a broken offer with some of our partners, please report it to our customer support team. Your input is much appreciated.

You may have noticed while using our Offerwall, that messages like – “earn 2x currency” appear above the offers. This indicates that a virtual currency sale is happening at that moment. Currency sales are promotions set by the publishers for a limited time e.g. a weekend, during which you can earn an increased amount of virtual currency. If you click on an offer during the promotion period, you will benefit from the additional currency when you complete it. If you believe that you have not received the correct amount of currency for a completed offer, please contact our Customer Support.

Reward statuses give you up-to-date information about the offers you have clicked on in our Offerwall.

  • Rewarded – In the Rewarded section you will find all the offers you have completed successfully and received rewards for.
  • Pending – Here you will find all offers, which are not yet completed, or for which you haven’t received your reward yet.
    *Important to know – Not all rewards are processed immediately, so please wait for 24 h after completing an offer before submitting a support ticket.
  • Rejected – Here will be all the offers for which you are not eligible for a reward. If you believe that there was a mistake, please contact customer support.