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Success Stories

Unico Studio Boosts User Acquisition with ayeT’s Multi-Reward Offerwall campaigns

Cashing’s ARPDAU skyrockets by 95% after ayeT’s Offerwall integration

20% of all Skin Ape CSGO users earn virtual currency with ayeT’s Offerwall every day

Freecash’s revenue spikes up 20% after ayeT’s Offerwall implementation.

How the Easter Currency Sale increased Publishers‘ Revenue by 60%

Read how Quizfriends increased revenue by 474% when using both offerwall SDK and API.

Read how Moneymailme found its ideal user base with incent CPI campaigns.

Best Practices

Explore the importance of segmenting your users in order to optimize your monetization.

Check out the industry’s best practices for Rewarded Video to take your monetization to the next level.

Learn how big game studios drive growth with rewarded CPA campaigns.

Find out how to give your users a native Offerwall experience in your app and check out Offerwall design examples from our platform.

4 ways to utilize Offerwalls to monetize your users without having to implement a virtual currency ecosystem.

Find out why third party tracking is essential for successful UA campaigns.

Learn how to run UA campaigns using third party tracking and how to identify the most suitable provider.

Understand how a native offer feed can help boost your audience’s engagement and ROI.

White Papers

Learn the basics in just a few minutes of how to run successful app promotion campaigns.

Learn about the pros of using an Offerwall for ad monetization and how it can co-exist with IAPs or Rewarded Video.

Rewarded Video Guide cover

Learn how Rewarded Video can help you monetize your browser game or website and activate your non-paying user base.

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