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No matter if you need to Launch, Grow, or Retain your user and customer base, we are here to help you find adequte ad formats. We will help you manage your marketing at every stage of your products lifecycle.

1. Acquire

Making it count right from the start is critical for your further success! Getting a boost for your app or product straight after launch is therefore essential. Use our rewarding ad solutions to get it right!

2. Engage

Once you cleared all obstacles for a successful lift of, getting user engagement to the right level is the next step to take. Combine our icnent and non-incent ad formats with CPA or CPE pricing models in order to drive the right users to your app!

3. Retain

Acquiring users is expensive. Therefore retaining them is just as important when examining the marketing lifecycle. Branding campaigns are a great tool for achieving that goal. Use Display and Video Ads in order to keep paying customers retained.

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and build campaigns and creatives that convert


Rewarded Video




User Acquisition

Acquire, engage and retain users for your app and grow your mobile business with our wide variety of campaign types.

Lead Generation

Generate leads like account registrations or newsletter signups or drive direct sales with our lead generation campaigns.

Brand Marketing

Learn all about the different combinations of ad formats and pricing models to drive awarenewss for your brand.

Supported Platforms

No matter what platform you are developing your apps for, we will help you grow your audience.


Pricing Models

Choose the right pricing model for you!


Cost Per Install


Cost Per Action / Engagement


Cost Per Click


Cost Per Mille


Cost Per View

Social Media

Leverage social media influencers to grow your business by using new media.


Start selling installs yourself – with our 3 different agency solutions.

Integrated With Major Tracking Providers

We are integrated with the major tracking providers. Just set up your campaign and add your tracking link!



advertisers trust us


installs delivered


campaigns completed

Connected With Premium Ad Networks

We are happy to work together with several leading ad networks including clicksmob, archy, fyber, trialpay and adcolony.


Industry Leading Dashboard

Don’t be satisfied with the common market standard. Go with the best now and build the business of tomorrow.

  • Integrated With All Major Tracking Providers
  • Tracking SDK Not Necessarily Required
  • Self Serve
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Instant Campaign Setup
  • Easy To Handle
  • Full Campaign Control
  • Automated Billing
  • Advanced Targeting

What Our Customers Are Saying

We use it like a booster and I can tell you, it is worth it!

Péter Horánszky
Péter HoránszkyCEO - OtterWorks

Your dashboard is easy to use, very fast approval times, excellent prices with good traffic volumes, and no tracking SDK is needed! Also we like the option to add a tracking SDK to get higher traffic volumes. Oh and I forgot to add, that the support is excellent 🙂

Martin Gabriel
Martin GabrielCEO - Tinysoft

The results we have seen with ayeT-Studios were more than satisfying.

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