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What is an offerwall and how does it work?

Monetize your app’s non-paying users with offerwall ads. Offerwalls serve as a mini-store in an app, listing multiple offers that users can complete in exchange for receiving in-app virtual currency.

Offerwalls act like mini-stores within an app
Offerwalls are listing various offers that users can complete in exchange for receiving in-app virtual currency. This way, developers can easily monetize their apps in addition to in-app purchases and offer yet another level of monetization for non-paying users.
Users can receive extra in-app currency for installing an app, playing a mini-game, completing a survey, reaching level 5 on a game, watching a video, and many more on the offerwall.

Offerwalls are great for monetizing any micro-payment freemium app
They work particularly well for communication, dating and texting apps as well as games and all kinds of gambling apps. Data studies have shown that on average 15% of the top 100 grossing apps and 25% of the top 100 grossing games monetize their audience using an offerwall.

Offerwalls are 100% user initiated
You are putting it into your users hands whether to engage with and ad or not. One strategy to serve the offerwall to your users may include to display a permanent button in the gem shopping menu of your app to access the offerwall to get FREE gems. Another popular strategy is to prompt users to use the offerwall when they are low on coins or other virtual currency within the game.

The benefits of offerwall monetization

Offerwalls will help you Boost In-App Ad Revenue, User Retention and In-App Purchases.

Boost In-App Ad (IAA) Revenue
The offerwall is a great mobile monetization strategy for any micro-payment freemium app. Offerwalls can significantly increase your app revenue. They deliver extremely high eCPMs for app developers. The average offerwall eCPM for Android is $30 to $80, and the average offerwall eCPM for iOS is $50 to $120.

Increase Retention
Offerwalls will help you keep your users within your app longer, ultimately increasing user retention. Offerwalls work particularly well for verticals like gaming, communication, texting, gambling or dating. Instead of quitting, users can access the offerwall once they are out of virtual currency, and get the premium content they need to continue playing.

Improve User Experience
The offerwall is completely opt-in, meaning users choose whether or not they want to engage with it. Due to the user-initiation, offerwalls don’t disrupt the app flow or the user experience. In fact, they can improve the user experience as premium content can be accessed without needing to pay.

Get More In-App Purchases (IAP)
Data studies have shown that offerwalls help boost in-app purchases. Users get a taste of the premium features they’re missing out on without offerwalls. After a while they end up deciding to pay for premium in-app content. On average, the increase in in-app spend for users after completing offers from the offerwall is above 100%.

Live Offerwall Example
(Feel free to play around)

Offerwall Customization

Create a native experience for your users by matching your offerwall’s design to the look and feel of your app.

Run Free Creatively!
Our publishers have the unique ability to customize their offerwall to match the color and style of their game for any season, promotion and occasion. You can choose to customize the color of each design and text element. Next to many upcoming features to get exctied about, you can also upload a header image and customize your offerwall’s buttons to show the icon and name of your own virtual currency.

Boost Your User Experience
Displaying tabs for Apps, Tasks, Surveys and Videos in your offerwall will declutter the visual impact on your users. Go ahead and enable the tabs feature to better guide your users through the offerwall and help them understand what kind of offers to expect in each section.

Developers monetizing with the ayeT-Studios offerwall network

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With 1,000,000+ Downloads, Appkarma is one of the most established apps on Google Play that rewards users for engaging with an offerwall.

Easy Integration for iOS, Android and Unity

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