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How polltastic Surveywall Works

The ayeT network powers many surveys, helping you monetize your games and apps. Engage players with new ways to earn and unlock the best content in your games.

Step 1:

The user is on the polltastic start screen

Step 2:

The user answers anonymous demographic questions for survey matching

Step 3:

We give the user a choice of surveys based on length and rewards

Step 4:

The user completes the chosen survey

Step 5:

ayeT-Studios credits the user with the survey’s reward

Benefits of Survey Monetization

Surveys boost ad revenue, user retention and purchases.

Boost Ad Revenue

Surveys are a great monetization strategy for any micro-payment, freemium website. They deliver extremely high eCPMs for developers and significantly increase revenue.

Improve User Experience

Users choose whether or not to engage with surveys, meaning they are completely opt-in. Surveys improve the user experience (UX), as premium content can be accessed without having to spend money.

Increase Retention

Surveys engage users for longer periods of time, increasing user retention. Instead of leaving your website after running out of virtual currency, users can engage with surveys and earn premium content to keep playing.

Global Fill

With thousands of surveys available all over the world, we are excited to add value to your monetization stack.

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