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From high-impact Rewarded Videos to Offerwall ads, developers can leverage rewarded ad units to engage, monetize and reward non-paying users.


Offerwalls offer the highest eCPMs in the ad industry and represent a  huge revenue potential for developers. For users, Offerwalls act like mini-stores within web and mobile applications to give users a taste of premium content for free.

Rewarded Video

Rewarded Videos encourage user engagement and increase session lengths. This also makes clear that Rewarded Videos create a better user experience and ultimately helps developers to drive their revenues.

Best Practices

Selected Content:

  • 4 ways to use Offerwalls without having to implement a virtual currency ecosystem
  • How Rewarded Video helps you boost user engagement and in-game spend
  • Learn how to optimize users’ watch to reward balance
  • Understand how a native offer feed boosts your audience‘s engagement and ROI
  • How Rewarded Video can be used without virtual currency
  • And many more…

Powering Premium Advertisers and Publishers

Meet some of the advertisers and developers who are respectively acquiring high quality users, increasing their brand awareness and driving ad revenue and IAPs with our rewarded advertising solutions.

Shakes & Fidget
One of the top fantasy RPG satire and an award-winning role-playing game at the same time. Over 50 million players make it one of the most popular online games in the world.

One of the top app for gamers: With LootBoy you get digital loot for free and low price bundle offers.

With 20,000,000+ monthly active users, Swagbucks is one of the most established cashback sites for earning money while watching videos, shopping and taking fun surveys.

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