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50% of users

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98% of users

don’t pay for games or content

Boost revenue

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How Rewarded Video Works

Your users watch a video in exchange for premium content like virtual currency, extra lives or additional features. Users opt in to watch a video and get rewarded effortlessly with ayeT’s Rewarded Video solution.

1. Call-to-Action

The user sees an offer to watch a video in exchange for premium content (e.g. coins, lives, credit). By clicking a button, the user opts in to watch a video ad.

2. Watch

The video is displayed and starts playing automatically.

3. Reward

After watching the video, the user is brought back to the website or app and credited with his reward.

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  • Understand how Rewarded Video can help monetize games without virtual currency
  • Learn how to optimize users’ watch to reward balance
  • And many more…

Easy Integration

Our Rewarded Video solution is integrated and tested in just a few hours.

Step 1: Sign-up

Sign up and add your website to your account.

Step 2: Contact Your Account Manager

Contact your Account Manager to unlock Rewarded Video Ads.

Step 4: Configure Demand and Go Live

Configure and customize demand sources. Test your integration, go live and start generating revenue by showing rewarded video ads to your users!

Step 3: Add Code and Set Screws

Configure your reward options and specify when and where to display video ads. Add the Rewarded Video ad code to your website accordingly to request video ad at the right time.

Integration Features

The ayeT-Studios Rewarded Video SDK for HTML5 allows web publishers to request and run video ads.

Our javascript library supports the following features:

  • OpenRTB header bidding with bundled prebid.js
  • Adserver functionality with custom waterfall demand sources, bid buckets and backfill
  • Consecutive waterfall VAST tag validation and fallback handling for no-bid scenarios
  • VAST and VPAID support
  • Content isolation and parent page protection using iframe playback
  • Native browser video rendering
  • Automatic detection of external CMPs and support for TCF2 / GDPR consent handling
  • Both S2S and signed clientside callbacks for user rewards

Benefits of Rewarded Video Ads

Rewarded Videos drive higher eCPMs than non-rewarded ad formats.

Increased Ad Revenue

  • Due to their nature, Rewarded Videos have very high completion rates
  • Rewarded Videos constantly yield higher eCPMs than non-rewarded ads
  • High eCPMs go hand in hand with better rewards for your users

Higher In-Game Spend

  • After engaging with Rewarded Videos, non-paying users can experience premium content
  • Users are able to qualify the value of premium content and are more likely to make purchases

Increased User Engagement

  • The beauty of rewarded video ads are, that they are a user-initiated ad format
  • Users earn virtual currency, enabling them to play longer and engage deeply
  • Publishers frequently report longer session lenghts after implementing rewarded video ads

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