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Use Rewarded Ads to drive direct engagement, awareness, visits or installs.


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Industry Leading Dashboard

Our state of the art technology gives you full control over your media buying and marketing outcomes.

Take full control of your campaigns with:

  • Swift and smooth self-serve capabilities
  • Real-time reporting
  • Buying directly from premium publishers
  • Managing and optimizing all ad campaigns yourself
  • Publisher and integration type optimization
  • Precise targeting
  • Integrated 3rd party tracking
  • Relevant and easy to use campaign types

Discover rewarded advertising!

Engage & retain premium users.


Create converting campaigns by optimizing your targeting settings.


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We are integrated with the major tracking providers. Simply add your tracking link in your campaign settings.

Fraud Prevention

Automated real-time data analysis and hands on examination of accumulated historic data are combined by our experts to fight publisher fraud by identifying abnormalities. We provide the highest level of security for your media buying on top of a dashboard that lets you monitor your performance and data in real-time.

Fighting fraud by:

  • Measuring performance discrepancies
  • Using Third Party Tracking
  • Detecting non-human traffic (NHT)
  • Monitoring statistical indicators

Built-in proprietary technology to:

  • Analyse abnormal user behavior
  • Measure unexpected CTR/CR ratios
  • Detect abnormalities in traffic quality in real-time
  • Examine suspicious performance distribution

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