Offerwall Guide

Find out how to unlock your full revenue potential

Offerwall Guide

Find out if an offerwall is the right ad format for your ad monetization strategy.

  • Determine if an offerwall is a good fit for your app
  • See how offerwalls influence IAPs
  • Explore how offerwalls can co-exist with other ad formats
  • Learn about tips to maximize your offerwall revenue

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The Pros of Using Offerwalls for Ad Monetization

Monetize your app’s non-paying users with offerwall ads. Offerwalls serve as a mini-store in an app, listing multiple “offers” that users can complete in exchange for receiving in-app virtual currency.

Boost IAA Revenue
The offerwall is a great mobile monetization strategy for any micro-payment freemium app. Offerwalls can significantly increase your app revenue. They deliver extremely high eCPMs for app developers. The average offerwall eCPM for Android is $30 to $80, and the average offerwall eCPM for iOS is $50 to $120.

Increase Retention
Offerwalls will help you keep your users within your app longer, ultimately increasing user retention. Offerwalls work particularly well for verticals like gaming, communication, texting, gambling or dating. Instead of quitting, users can access the offerwall once they are out of virtual currency, and get the premium content they need to continue playing.

Improve User Experience
The offerwall is completely opt-in, meaning users choose whether or not they want to engage with it. Because they’re user-initiated, offerwalls don’t disrupt the app flow or the user experience. In fact, they can improve the user experience because they give users access to premium content without needing to pay.

Get More In-App Purchases
Data studies have shown that offerwalls help boost in-app purchases. Users get a taste of the premium features they’re missing out on without offerwalls. After a while they end up deciding to pay for premium in-app content. On average the increase in in-app spend for users after completing offers from the offerwall is above 100%.

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