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Ad Verification

Ad Verification is the process of checking whether an advertiser’s campaign is appearing in the right environment.

It has become especially important in terms of brand safety. That means advertisers are very concerned about placing their ads in a positive environment that does not influence their brand image badly.

So, advertisers want to make sure their ads are delivered to the right website, with the right timing and content in order to reach the right target group. Therefore, ad verification is taking many different factors into account, such as:

  • targeted audience
  • ad placement
  • brand safety
  • competitive separation
  • site context, etc.

The need for a proper ad verification has become very big with the rise of programmatic advertising. Here, advertisers are not booking advertising inventories directly at the publisher anymore. Instead they are using ad networks or DSP’s. Since publishers and advertisers no longer have a direct relationship in this process, publishers cannot guarantee a brand safe environment for every advertiser.

Thus, more and more third party providers emerged in the digital advertising ecosystem to control the delivery of advertisements in a brand safe environment.