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App Ranking

App Ranking refers to how a certain mobile application is ranked in different app trading platforms (e.g. Google Play or the Apple App Store).

The ranking is one of the main factors that influence the success of a mobile application. Therefore, more and more developers are taking different actions to improve their App Store Optimization (ASO). These campaigns are aiming to increase the probability of finding an application when a user is searching for a keyword related to the application or its function.

The app ranking is determined by app ranking algorithms which take a lot of different factors into account. Some of the main ranking factors are:

  • downloads
  • app starts (how often the app is used)
  • number & value of reviews
  • keyword relevance
  • recent updates

These factors are believed to have the biggest impact on the App Store Ranking. However, there are probably way more factors influencing the ranking of an application inside the App Stores.