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Curated Marketplaces

Curated Marketplaces are a concept which evolved with the rise of online and mobile advertising.

The special feature of curated marketplaces is that their administrators usually screen and control vendors before allowing them to access their marketplace. This way, digital marketplace providers can be sure to guarantee a certain level of quality for their customers.

Curation makes a lot of sense for some marketplaces, particularly those where services available are of technical nature. Here, only providers with a licence and thus actual experience can enter the market place to offer their service. In contrast, un-curated marketplaces allow anyone to offer their services which leaves quality assessment to the purchaser.

Since the fields of online and mobile advertising have dramatically grown in the last years and new players are constantly entering the digital marketplace, the need for reliable and safe advertising platforms has grown as well.

Advertisers use curated marketplaces to be sure their ads are delivered to reputable high-quality offers in order to ensure a strong brand safety.