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Native Advertising

Native Advertising is a form of paid media where the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed.

This type of advertisements matches the visual design of the application or website it is placed in, so it is supposed to look and feel like natural content to the user. Furthermore Native ads need to behave consistently with the native user experience and function, just like natural content.

The largest social platforms in the world monetize with native, in-feed ads, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumbrl. Apart from that the publishing industry also started to integrate native ads on desktop and mobile that match both the form and function of their editorial feeds.

Native advertisements can appear in many different ways:

  • Content Recommendation
  • Search Ads
  • In-Feed Ads
  • Promoted Listings
  • In-Ad With Native Elements
  • Custom Ads

The usage of Native Advertising can be beneficial for advertisers as it offers way to reach out to their audience without being overbearing. According to market research, Native Ads are viewed for the same amount of time as editorial content. Besides they are far more likely to be shared than banner ads, increasing companies´ potential for going viral.