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Post Click Attribution

Post Click Attribution is an attribution model based on the idea that the last advertising medium to convince a customer to click on an ad will receive credit for the entire sale.

Although this attribution model seems to be the most logical one at first glance, it does not take into account the possibility that a consumer might have been motivated by other ads for the same product in advance of the last click. Specifically, it does not consider a product’s longer-term building of awareness and interest, or the evaluation process that a consumer goes through.

Unlike the full-funnel theory that looks at multiple data points, post-click or last-click only considers one data point associated with the last action taken by the consumer just before a purchase is made.

The Post Click Attribution model can be a powerful tool for marketers who are solely focused on driving conversions. If non-converting actions hold no value at all for a company, a post-click model can be an effective attribution strategy.