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Private Marketplace

A Private Marketplace (PMP) is an invitation-only marketplace where publishers offer their inventories to a selected group of advertisers.

Unlike open marketplaces, Private Marketplaces give publishers a tighter control on which kinds of buyers, advertisers and creatives are being displayed on their platform. Meanwhile they don’t have to manage individual advertisers like they would have to in a direct buy. Typically, CPMs are much more competitive in Private Marketplaces as premium advertisers are competing for the highest quality ad inventory on very reputable platforms.

For publishers, there are many benefits to integrate this strategy into their marketing mix:

  • Transparency on both ends – publishers and advertisers both have a very clear idea of what kind of inventory they are buying and which creatives are running
  • Programmatic Efficiency – advertisers are able to quickly and effectively set new buys live
  • Becoming an industry standard – availability on many of the largest programmatic ad exchanges
  • Can remove the need for a direct sales team and therefore save costs for advertisers and publishers