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Rewarded Video

A Rewarded Video is a modified video ad designed for an In-App environment, offering users rewards such as coins or credits in return for viewing a short video clip.

Rewarded Video has quickly become one of the fastest growing ad units in digital marketing. They are a good way for developers to monetize their mobile apps as they

  • are completely opt-in and do not damage the user experience
  • increase user engagement
  • help developers to increase their revenue
  • provide higher viewability rates for advertisers.

However, the main benefit of Rewarded Video Ads is, that they create a win-win situation for both developers and users. Apparently, a successful app monetization and a great user experience are sometimes difficult to combine for developers as some kinds of mobile advertising (e.g. banner ads) can distract users and thus have a negative impact on the user experience. Unlike banner ads or other mobile advertising formats, Rewarded Videos enable developers to find a good compromise between app monetization and a remarkable user experience.