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Social Media

Social Media includes all social networking platforms that facilitate the creation and sharing of informations, ideas, interests and any other form of user-generated content via the internet.

It is used inflationary for so many different kinds of platforms on the internet, it has become hard to pinpoint what exactly defines Social Media. However, there are certain features that are essential to it:

  • Social Networks are interactive and internet-based applications
  • They contain user-generated content, such as posts or comments, digital photos or videos, etc.
  • Users create network-specific profiles for the application or website that are designed and maintained by the platform
  • Social Networks connect user profiles with those of other individuals or groups

With its ability to reach a wide spread of people, social media has become more and more interesting for companies to use it for marketing plans. Social Media Marketing has evolved and is now an essential part of many companies´ marketing strategy. It helps companies to

  • increase their brand awareness
  • generate more inbound traffic
  • improve search engine rankings
  • increase their conversion rate
  • improve their Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • to increase brand loyalty.

Considering these advantages, it can be very beneficial for companies to integrate Social Media Marketing into their marketing strategy.