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Advertising is a form of paid communication and a way of promoting a service, product or idea of a business.

The advertiser usually has a specific message about his company or a certain product that he wants potential customers to know. Therefore, advertisers nowadays use every possible kind of media such as the internet, TV, print, radio, etc. to deliver their message.

The actors involved in this paid communication process are:

  1. The advertisers who want to reach a certain group of people,
  2. the agencies that create advertisements
  3. and the media which is carrying these advertisements to the audience.

Nevertheless, the way advertisers try to convey their messages has changed over the years. While advertisers in early days tried to reach as many people as possible by using conventional mass media, advertisers nowadays try to cut their advertisements right to the needs of their potential customers. Hence, advertising has become a lot more individual with the rise of the internet and tracking technologies.

All in all, there are many different types of advertising. Here is an overview of some we cover in our glossary: