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Advertising Identifier

The Advertising Identifier (Ad-ID) is a unique serial number assigned to every mobile device and various commercial assets. It provides information about different advertising issues, such as:

  • specific details of an ad
  • what media the ad will be used in
  • clearance status
  • usage restrictions
  • related executions, etc.

Additionally, it serves as a verification that the right assets have been transferred to the media, and eventually, to the user.

Every smartphone has got an individual Ad-ID that collects information about its user based on tracking technology. Depending on the user’s activity, the advertising identifier is sent to the ad server, which, in turn, displays relevant ads.

However, the Ad-ID does not identify the device or user. Instead it categorizes users into different groups with similar search or browsing activities for relevant and targeted advertising.

With all this information about the user, it is possible to deliver the right advertisements to the right person. If a user does not want to be tracked via his smartphone, he has the possibility of resetting the Ad-ID on his phone.