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Cross Promotion

Cross Promotion is a type of marketing where buyers of a product are targeted with offers to purchase a related product.

Basically, the cross promotion process includes the usage of certain products as a platform to promote other products. This marketing strategy can be an efficient tactic especially for the developers of new apps. Oftentimes, they have limited audiences and need someone to give them a boost after being published in app stores.

There are many different ways of cross promoting new apps. These are the most popular cross-promotion methods:

  • Self-Promotion across apps: advertisers can easily promote and publicize new apps by displaying ads in their previously published apps
  • Striking deals with other developers: developers find other app developers as promotion partner and make an agreement to promote each other’s apps or games in respective products
  • Cross Promotion Platforms: Ready-made platforms can simplify the cross promotion process. They provide in-app advertising that operates through an ad network where different studios join to share their users.

Altogether, cross promotion is a win-situation for both parties involved. They can promote their apps simultaneously, which also reduces the total marketing and promotion costs.