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App Promotion

App Promotion includes all activities that are aiming to increase the popularity and success of a mobile application. This includes all activities that can help to increase the number of downloads and the number of users in order to generate higher profits.

Generally, there are two main goals that app promotion activities can address:

  1. user acquisition: increases the number of installs for an application
  2. customer relationships: generates loyal app users with a high engagement for an application

Depending on which strategy an app developer is following, he can choose between incentivized and non-incentivized promotion activities:

  • incentivized promotion activities are suitable to increase the number of installs and thus improve the app store ranking
  • non-incentivized promotion activities can especially be used to build a strong customer relationship; since the users do net get any incentive for using the application, they are more likely to have a serious interest for the application and thus become loyal users

Usually a good promotion strategy should include both incentivized and non-incentivized promotion. Then, the first step is to generate a wide basis of users who might like to engage with the app. Followed up by the second step, which includes increasing loyalty and strengthening the relationship between the user and the application.

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