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User Acquisition

Generally, User Acquisition is the process of persuading an individual to purchase a company´s goods or services. In the world of mobile apps, this specifically means to persuade users to download, install, and frequently use a mobile application.

There are many different approaches to user acquisition in mobile marketing such as:

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of optimizing an applications App Store ranking in order to show up higher in the search results. Specifically, this means to optimize title and description for the relevant keywords to ensure a higher ranking for the app. If you want to get a much more detailed article on how to do App Store Optimization the right way, click here!

Social Media Marketing can also be an efficient approach to user acquisition. Developers can use social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, to post promotional content, work together with influencers or to simply interact with their users.

Demand-Side-Platforms (DSPs) provide access to multiple ad networks as well as advanced targeting capabilities. Using DSPs, advertisers can reach they desired target group very specifically and purchase advertising inventory for their application as cheap and efficient as possible. Depending on whether developers want to focus on user acquisition or user engagement, they can choose between many different incentivized or non-incentivzed types of advertising.