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Burst Campaign

A Burst Campaign is a very popular marketing strategy for improving the app ranking and acquisition of new users.

Whenever a new mobile app is launched, developers want the highest possible rank for their app in the app stores. The reason for this is the higher visibility that comes with a better ranking of the app.

Since the number of installs is believed to be one of the most important ranking factors, marketers use this knowledge. They usually try to increase the number of installs of an application to improve the ranking of this app.

Therefore, the basic idea of a burst campaign is raising the ad spend to boost the app installs in a short period. Then, the increasing number of installs will be significant enough to improve the ranking of the application.

Once a burst campaign has pushed an application up into the top charts of the app store, the number of organic installs will increase and hopefully reach a level that keeps the application in the top charts for a long time.