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Data Management Platform

Data Management Platform (short: DMP) is a software that provides marketers with control of their audience and campaign data.

In general, a DMP is a centralized platform that allows marketers to create target audiences based on a combination of in-depth first-party and third-party audience data. It enables advertisers to accurately target campaigns to these audiences across third-party ad networks and exchanges.

Apart from that, advertisers are able to measure the performance of their campaigns across segments and channels with high accuracy. This enables them to refine media buys and ad creatives over time.

Furthermore,  marketers can manage all their mobile advertising campaigns in one dashboard by using a DMP. This includes campaign creation, audience profiling, media buying, and targeting to optimization, measurement and reporting.

Additionally, a DMP can scale millions of data points, allowing marketers granular insights into which campaigns are working across various channels.

Brands in the digital marketplace need to find ways to reach precisely defined audiences with relevant messages at the right time in the purchase funnel. Therefore, data management platforms are an indispensable tool for every online and mobile marketer nowadays.