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Database Marketing

Database Marketing is a type of direct marketing that uses customer databases to generate targeted lists for direct marketing communications. Thus, it is especially relevant to all online and mobile marketers.

This type of marketing is working with databases that provide plenty of information about potential customers for mobile marketers. Such databases include all kind of customer information that can be legally and accurately collected such as:

  • names and addresses
  • phone numbers
  • e-mails
  • purchase histories
  • information requests

The information for these databases can be collected through many different ways such as targeting, application forms for free products, credit applications, contest entry forms, product warranty cards, newsletter subscriptions etc.

These databases enable mobile marketers to produce lists of consumers with different features. This way, they can easily identify target audiences that might take interest in promotions of a new product. Accordingly, they allow marketers to identify and address customers with relevant marketing communication.