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Native In-feed

Native In-feed ads are a special type of native advertising. The special feature of this type of advertising is that it is placed right in between the content of an application.

There are basically three different categories of In-feed ads:

  • In-feed social: Social feeds include users´ posts to social networks and sponsored content from advertisers. In this category the ad is placed right between the content offered from the social network meaning the network capabilities are available for the ad.
  • In-feed content: This category refers to editorial feeds, streams and walls including both paid and unpaid content in various forms. The goal of the advertiser in this case is to drive engagement with content such as read, view, watch or listen.
  • In-feed commerce: Commerce feeds contain product listings and promoted products. They offer a big retail opportunity to connect with users near the store or in store with NFC, iBeacons, GPS and payments. Using commerce feeds for native advertising can be very useful for marketers, because they address users in an environment where they they are very likely to spend money anyways.

Native In-feed ads can be a very powerful way of advertising as they will not distract users as much as conventional banner ads and are more likely to be perceived.