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Non-Incentive Advertising

A Non-Incentive-Advertisement is a type of advertising that intends to activate potential customers without putting an incentive.

In terms of mobile advertising this means that non-incentivized-ads promote an application without the exchange of a reward. However, there is no guarantee that the user will complete any further action.

Whenever a new mobile app is launched, developers usually drive incentive burst campaigns to generate a huge number of downloads in a short period of time. This can be beneficial to developers as it improves the ranking of their application, but might generate some users who don’t have a serious interest in using the application.

In order to generate high quality users with a serious interest in the application, companies might better use a Non-Incentive-Advertisement. The main advantage with non-incentive installs is the average user LTV (Lifetime Value). As the installs are generated by users who get no external benefit for their install, they are considered organic traffic. Accordingly, they have a genuine interest in the app, and are more likely to keep and use it.