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Pre-Roll-Video ads are short promotional clips that play before the content that has actually been selected to watch by the user.

Pre-Roll ads are usually between 15 to 30 seconds long and contain a number of features that make them particularly effective for advertising issues:

  • They are skippable –  users have the opportunity to skip Pre-Roll ads if they don’t intend to watch the whole clip
  • Auto-Play – when a user is taken to a landing page displaying the selected content, the video will start to play automatically. This way advertisers can take advantage of the fact that the users´ attention is already primed in this situation
  • Interactivity – advertisers got the ability to add interactive elements to their Pre-Roll-Videos helping them to engage users and create a unique user experience
  • Compatibility – using established standards like VAST or VPAID advertisers don’t have to worry about compatibility issues as their ads will be compatible with most video players

Advertisers can purchase inventory for their Pre-Roll-Ads like any other in digital advertising. That means it can either be purchased directly or programmatically using ad networks and DSPs (Demand Side Platforms).