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Programmatic Buying

Programmatic Buying is the automated purchase of advertising inventories through ad networks or demand-side-platforms.

In this fully automated process, advertising inventories are usually bought and sold through ad networks or ad exchanges. These networks connect publishers offering their unsold inventories with advertisers searching for places to display their ads.

The trading process in these networks is working with a technology called Real-Time-Bidding (RTB), which determines the price for advertising inventories based on demand and supply in real time.

However, the main benefit of the Programmatic Buying of ad inventories is, that it matches the display of advertisements with user profiles. Accordingly users only get to see advertisements that are probably most relevant to them and that they are likely to make a purchase. Thus Programmatic Buying makes digital advertisement a lot more specific and therefore more efficient than conventional marketing methods.

Programmatic Buying is only working with targeting technologies. Using cookies, mobile device IDs or other tracking technologies, it is possible to collect diverse user information. Using these information, advertisers can display their ads to users that specifically belong to their desired target group.