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Programmatic Video

Programmatic Video is the use of software to buy and sell digital video advertising.

The benefit of Programmatic Video versus traditional video ad buying is, that it uses real-time data to get your video ad in front of the right customer at the right time. Apparently, targeted video ad buys will help advertisers to get more out of their budget.

The importance of Programmatic Video advertising is increasingly growing due to the fact that more and more users can access high-speed internet allowing them to stream high-quality videos. Accordingly, more and more people are watching videos mobile, with some even choosing to get all of their video and TV online.

Aside from the increased online video viewership, there are other advantages to purchasing programmatically. Unlike traditional media buying, programmatic enables companies to reach their audience based on their real-time intent signals. Using Programmatic Video, advertisers can generate user profiles of their target audience and adjust the delivery of their advertisements based on these information. Apparently, users will only get to watch videos that are relevant to them and fit to their interests.