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M-Commerce (M-Commerce), is the buying and selling of goods through mobile devices.

Simply put, M-Commerce involves shopping through a mobile device (typically a smartphone or tablet), while e-commerce involves shopping online through a computer.

The range of devices that are enabled for mobile device functionality is growing, having expanded in recent years to include smartphones and tablets. Besides Mobile Commerce has also accelerated through social media platforms, allowing users to purchase products and services.

Since content delivery over mobile devices becomes faster and more fluent, M-Commerce will probably surpass wireline e-commerce as the method of choice for digital commerce transactions. The industries affected by mobile commerce are:

  • Financial Services, including mobile banking
  • Telecommunications, in which customers can organize services changes, bill payment and account reviews all from the same mobile device
  • Service/Retail, as consumers can purchase products or services on-the-go
  • Information Services, including the delivery of financial services, sports figures and traffic updates to a single mobile device.