“In my opinion, the future of mobile is the future of everything.” This powerful quote by Matt Galligan, Co-founder of Circa, is probably not a well kept secret anymore.  More and more time is spent on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The entry point to these mobile devices are apps, which users can get from Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store. Apps are meant to make the life of the user easier, more productive or entertaining. If an app is succesful and has a large audience, the developer can choose from a broad variety of monetization options.

How to Monetize an App

Nowadays, the monetization is, in most cases, deeply integrated in the way an app works. Do you want to reward the user for interacting with an ad or do you want to keep the app ad-free? Do you want to make money from selling virtual goods or do you even want to have the user pay to use your app in the first place? Click here to get a detailed guide.

Mobile Game Monetization

Games give their developers and publishers great options to earn money. As the engagement rate is very high, users tend to spend more time in the app. When this is the case, monetization by showing ads to the user or with the help of In-App Currency is perfectly suitable. Click here to read our detailed guide!

In App Currency

In-App Currency refers to a balance inside of an app. With this balance, the user can make purchases. This balance can either be bought with real money, earned through interacting with incentivized ads or earned by the user while fullfilling certain tasks.

(Mobile) Ad Monetization

Like all creators, developers want to make enough profit with their app to justify all the work they put into it. In this article, we will explain what options you have as a publisher and which tools will help you with mobile ad monetization.

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