ayeT-Studios secures public funds “Niedrigschwellige Innovationsförderung”

ayeT-Studios is happy to announce that it managed to secure public funds in a project application send to the NBank. Title of the project application was:

“Further enhancement of the mobile marketing platform from ayeT-Studios”

We are happy that our application was selected among many others worth supporting and we thank the whole NBank team for supporting us along the application process. The goal of the project is to further enhance the offerwall and the adjacent platform functionalities with a focus on user-based ad serving.

Where are the funds coming from?

The project is funded and supported by the European Fonds For Regional Development (EFRE) and by Stronger Developed Region (SER) by the state Lower Saxony.

Project content

ayeT-Studios was founded in 2014 and has since developed from an app publisher to an advertising platform with the aim of efficiently and programmatically connecting advertisers and publishers.

In early 2018, the ayeT-Studios publisher platform was introduced to offer publishers (app publishers) an advertising-based opportunity to monetize their apps. The first advertising format at that time was the Offerwall. In the following 12 to 18 months, the platform was primarily developed horizontally. In addition to the existing Offerwall, the advertising formats Rewarded Video, Video and Interstitials were added.

The exchange with customers since the beginning of 2018 showed that the individual advertising formats often lacked the technical and functional depth to either fully meet the requirements of the publishers or to keep up with the performance of some market-leading competitors.

Performance comparisons among advertising platforms are often carried out by publishers using KPIs like earnings per click (EPC) or effective cost per million (eCPM). That way publishers can measure the efficiency of monetizing their own inventory (traffic). The goal of the publisher is to sell every impression or click as good as possible. The goal of the advertiser, however, is to buy every user as profitably as possible.

Finding the most efficient solution to this optimization problem is task of the advertising network in order to be attractive for advertisers and publishers.

As part of the application for Niedrigschwellige Innovationsförderung, several work packages were defined to solve this optimization problem. These work packages can be roughly divided into the following main groups:

  • Ad Serving
  • Fraud Prevention
  • New Publisher Features
  • New Advertiser Features

In addition to expanding the functionality for publishers and advertisers (new publisher and advertiser features), the avoidance of inefficiencies, which generally have a negative impact on performance metrics for advertisers and publishers, should be mentioned. Inefficiencies can be avoided in particular if fraud is minimized. For this, a user-based serving of ads is essential.

The contact with customers as well as the analysis of the strongest competitors within the past 12 to 18 months have shown that further vertical development of the platform is the next logical step for ayeT-Studios. The main focus should be to improve the most used advertising format of ayeT-Studios, the Offerwall, as well as working on the expansion of the associated platform functionalities.


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