A smartphone being hold with application icons coming out

iOS CPI Promotion Campaigns now available

Today’s mobile market place is clearly dominated by two giants: Google and Apple. As for Apple, there are 4 times the number of iOS developers as there are Android developers, and iPhone app development has become a very lucrative business. However, promoting iOS apps is a rough market to gain users for apps.

But we have worked hard and we had the courage to finish this project for our app promotion service.

Incent iOS installs – making your way up in the App Store

Advertisers and app developers will now be able to generate iOS CPI Promotions campaigns. As usual for iOS applications it is required that the app needs a third-party tracking SDK integrated by one of our partners (Appsflyer, Tune, or Adjust) to start a promotion campaign for this kind of apps and to receive high-quality installs. We are also able to create boost campaigns for your iOS CPUI promotion to give your apps a real push to the top of the App Store – please reach out to one of our Account Managers or email support@ayetstudios.com.

Stay tuned for further improvements at ayeT-Studios