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How to Monetize an App

Having your own app available in the app stores with thousands or even millions of users, is the dream of most developers. Well and frequently used apps offer their owners the possibility to earn a decent income. In this article, a general overview of the different available monetization models and their considerable positive and negative aspects […]

China’s “Singles’ Day” Goes Mobile

What “Black Friday” is for the American market, is called “Singles’ Day” in China. Singles’ Day, originally created for single people by Chinese students in the nineties, has become the biggest online and offline shopping day in the country. Alibaba capitalised on this day and racked up an astounding US$ 25.3 billion (RMB 168.2 billion) through Alipay. This […]

How to Market Your App Effectively

If you’ve developed and published an app in the app stores, you’ve probably realized that you need to market your app in order to be succesful. In this blogpost, we will give an overview of how you can market your app the right way. Where Should You Market Your Mobile App? At first you have […]

The Most Common Mobile Campaign Types

Wherever you go, mobile follows! Since the daily screen time is shifting more and more in the direction of mobile devices, advertisers and marketers need to spend their marketing budget on campaigns especially for mobile devices. In the following post, we want to give you a general overview of the types of mobile campaigns. User […]

Mobile Lead Generation

As the importance of mobile devices is growing and growing, the necessity for completely optimized landing pages and creatives is undeniable. In the following, you will learn about what kind of campaign types you can use to generate leads and the details of taking care of the campaigns. What is special about the creatives to […]

Mobile Brand Marketing

Every company, which uses a brand marketing strategy, wants its product to be famous and well known. Statista predicts that more than 2,3 billion smartphone users will be on this planet in the year 2017. This fact makes the mobile sector an essential keystone of the most brand marketing campaigns. In this article, we want […]

What is Location Based Marketing?

Location-based marketing (or location-based advertising) is one of the new and trending topics in the mobile advertising world. Advertisers use the possibility to track users locally and provide location-based advertisements on their mobile devices. Types of Location Based Marketing In general, there are two concepts in location-based marketing: push and pull. You can categorize the […]

How to Boost the Rank of Your App

If you already have an app in the app stores, you should always look for new users. The most effective way to acquire new users constantly is a good position in the app stores. There are some possibilities to boost your rankings in the app store. Some of them are for free and for some of […]

Free Tracking SDK for Android CPI and CPA Now Available

Many customers have been asking us lately if it is possible to drive high volume campaigns for Android without a third party tracking provider like AppsFlyer, Adjust or TUNE. So far we sadly had to answer with “No, we can’t”. However, we are aware that as a small publisher paying for tracking on top of every […]