How to Boost the Rank of Your App

If you already have an app in the app stores, you should always look for new users. The most effective way to acquire new users constantly is a good position in the app stores.

There are some possibilities to boost your rankings in the app store. Some of them are for free and for some of them you have to pay. In this article, we will show you the best practises to choose from.

How Does Your App Rank in the Stores Right NOW?

At first, you have take a look at how your app is currently ranking in the app stores. The most important thing to know is how good your selected keywords rank in the charts. (If you want to read a more detailed guide on how to find the most fitting keywords read here) Google and Apple both do not provide details of where which keywords ranks in the charts. So you have to get that information from an external provider. We can recommend to use the service of AppAnnie or Sensor-Tower. A basic version of their service is available for free so you can try whether it works for you or not without spending any money.

Free possibilities to boost the ranking of your app

Free, in most cases, means free of charge, but not free of investment. The money you save has to be spent equivalently in time you have to put into work.

What you surely already know is the importance of app store optimization. (If you read here, you will find a very detailed guide on how to do app store optimization the right way)
You can make the biggest impact on organic installs and rankings when updating the store page of the app. If you found out for which keywords your app is ranking, you have to decide whether these keywords fir your marketing strategy. Maybe you found some keywords in the ranking, which you didn’t even know about! 
When updating the description, short description, screenshots and promo videos, the ranking algorithm is very likely to improve the rankings of your app to see whether the new features appeal to the user. You can also implement a feedback function in your app. The ranking algorithms of both app stores are rewarding highly rated apps with excellent visibilities in their stores.

Paid possibilities to boost the ranking of your app

The possibilities to boost your app in the app stores with the help of money are borderless. It is simple but true: the more users your app has, the higher your app’s app store rank will be. So when you spend money on advertising your app, in most cases your rankings will also improve.
There are two options on how you can acquire new users: You can reward them to use your app or you choose the non-incent way.
Rewarded installs have many faces. A very famous way to use rewarded installs is to use this advertising method in another app. Many games use lives or tires in their game cycle. So, the publishers of these apps let their users watch short videos, banners or even visit an app store page in exchange for the possibility to continue the gameplay. The other way to reward the users is to directly pay them to install and/or use the app of another developer. Mostly, this is organized by an offerwall where the users can see what they get to earn what kind of reward.

ayeT-Studios offers an all in one service where you can combine the advantages of rewarded and non-incent advertising to bring users to your app and therefore boost the rankings of your app.

All in all, we would suggest to combine all the methods we mentioned in this post to have the biggest impact. So, you should culminate all of your marketing efforts. Update your app store page, implement a review-CTA, buy banner and video ads and also reward other users to get impressions and leads. This way you can sky rocket your user flow and the rankings in the app stores.

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