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App Promotion Sites: Let Your App Go Viral

App promotion sites are one of the key elements to give mobile apps more visibility on the internet. In this article, we will show basic facts about different app promotion sites and how app developers can benefit from them. Different Kind of App Promotion Sites There are various services that can be found for iOS […]

Which App Promotion Services Can Boost Your App?

Although the industy around mobile applications is quite a new one, it behaves like every other business: The product itself has to be as good as possible to be successful! When publishing your app did you think about how to market your app with the help of app promotion services to make it even more popular? To brave […]

Your Guide to Free App Promotion

After months of hard work, it is finally here: the day of your app launch. Now you want to introduce your app to the market and convince potential users to download it. What if you don’t have a huge budget available for promotional tools? One way to avoid a big portion of the costs is […]

The Best App Promotion Strategy for Your Business

How extensively you can boost your ranking is influenced by various factors evaluated by the algorithm of the respective app store. One key factor is the number of installs – the more people have installed the app, the higher the algorithm will rank your app. In this article, we present different app promotion strategies and […]

Social Media App Promotion – Make Your App Go Viral

App stores are crowded with millions of apps, which make it hard to let your app standout. A good app promotion strategy is a good way to start – but another part of the effort can be shouldered by marketers and influencers who make sure the product reaches the audience. Social media app promotion combines […]

Effective Tools for Successful Mobile Game Promotion

If you are a developer of mobile games, we are sure you know one thing: There is a huge amount of games out there! Anyways, in order to be successful you have to do a solid job at mobile game promotion. Firstly, you need to know exactly how much money you can spend on marketing tools. The […]

App Promotion: Everything You Need to Know to Do It Right

App promotion will reach the potential consumers in many different ways and places, online and offline. What your app promotioni strategy will look like depends on your budget, your app and your company in general. Where Should You Promote Your Mobile App? The two wheres for mobile app promotion: Where as in which platforms? Where […]

iOS CPI Promotion Campaigns Now Available

Today’s mobile market place is clearly dominated by two giants: Google and Apple. As for Apple, there are 4 times as many iOS developers as there are Android developers; iPhone app development has become a very lucrative business. However, the iOS market is a rough terrain to find app users in. However, we have worked […]

Introducing New Feature: CPA App Promotion for Android

There are millions of apps available in the Play Store. It is hard to compete for user engagement and app retention in order to reach a good ranking in the respective charts. These two aspects are major elements for an app to be successful. We are aware of the highly competitive mobile market, so we’ve extended […]