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How to do App Monetization Right

Like all creators, developers want to make enough profit with their app to justify all that work they put into it. In this article, the options you have as a publisher and which tools will help you with mobile ad monetization will be explained. Mobile Ad Monetization Ad monetization refers to the making of money from […]

How to do App Marketing

To attract the attention of potential users for your app or mobile game, you have to market it. In this article, we will introduce you to effective app marketing strategies and explain them thoroughly. Ways to Market Your App or Mobile Game To get started, we collected a few strategies – both free and paid – […]

Why You Should Use Rewarded Videos!

Rewarded Videos are THE ad format to meet the needs of app developers and users equally. What makes them so unique and efficient from both points of view? Let’s find out! What Is Special About Rewarded Videos? A rewarded video is a short video clip, on average 15 to 30 seconds long, which is designed […]

Pay Per Engagement

There are many possible pricing models you can choose from to pay for mobile advertising campaigns. Since we already talked about CPI, in this article, we will address another common pricing model: Pay per Engagement. What is Pay per Engagement? Generally, there is no clear definition for this campaign type. Though traditionally, it is oftentimes […]

What is Pay Per Install?

There are many possible pricing models you can choose to pay for mobile advertising campaigns. In this article, we will explain a very common pricing model: pay per install, also known as CPI. The pay per install model is a common pricing model for mobile marketing and advertising campaigns. It is also well-known under the […]

Which Factors Affect the App Store Rankings?

Whether you choose to develop an app for Android or for iOS – to stand out you have to reach a good position in the store charts. In this article, we will analyze in detail, which factors affect the app store rankings in Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store – and how. The […]

The Most Common Mobile Ad Formats for Mobile Advertising

Whether you’re interested in in-app advertising or want to advertise on a mobile website: you need the right advertising format! In this article, the mobile ad formats available for mobile advertising campaigns and guidelines for their creation are shown and discussed. Incent Mobile Ad Formats First, we want to explain a few formats you can […]

The Advantages of In-App Advertising

Developers oftentimes use in-app advertising as a strategy to monetize their free app. In this article, we will explain how in-app advertising works and which ad formats are the most common to implement into an app. How Does In-App Advertising Work? With in-app advertising, app owners have the opportunity to sell advertising spaces to advertisers […]

Tips on How to Advertise an App Effectively

After developing and launching your mobile app, the next step on your checklist is to advertise it! To catch your potential user’s attention, this is extremely important. In this article, we want to explain how to advertise an app and introduce some tools that simplify the management process. Popular Strategies to Advertise an App In […]