Basics of Mobile App Promotion

The Basics of an Efficient Mobile App Promotion

Nowadays, people browse the internet through mobile devices and – more importantly – spend more than thrice as much time in apps compared to mobile browsers. Consequently, you need a waterproof concept for your mobile app promotion.

In the following, we will present great strategies to ensure that people find and download your app.

When Mobile Overtook Desktop

Since the mobile sector increased with reference to internet usage in the last years and finally overtook desktop computers, the need for mobile apps and mobile app promotion grew, too.

Companies, brands, traditional media – they are all adapting their services to mobile formats to expand their audience and stay in contact with their customers more easily.

In 2016, the average time spent in mobile apps per day was more than 3 hours, which is triple the amount in comparison to 2011. The time spent in mobile browsers didn’t even double in this time period to an amount of approximately 50 minutes per day (according to eMarketer).

Since the general time spent on mobile devices is increasing steadily, the amount of usage of mobile browsers amounts to 10% only. This emphasizes the need for a well-designed mobile app promotion.

The average time US users spent with mobile internet

Time spent with in-app vs. mobile web in the U.S. © ayeT-Studios

You can see the consequences of this process in the masses of competitors if you want to build an app.

Business of Apps released statistics stating that the total number of mobile app developers worldwide is higher than 8.7M. The amount of mobile apps available is even higher.

This high level of competition also underlines the necessity of a successful and well-planned mobile app promotion.

The 5 Factors for Successful Mobile App Promotion

What makes a strategy for your mobile app promotion successful? It’s not about taking only one measure and expecting tremendous results.

We collected the 5 main factors for your mobile app promotion that will make your app go big.

Paid Ads – User Acquisition

With mobile app promotion, developers want their apps to become popular. This can only be achieved if as many people as possible use the app on their mobile devices.

Acquiring users can be tricky since there will be various apps with the same character as your mobile app.

To attract users for your product you need to think about:
(1) Where should it be promoted?
(2) How should it be promoted?
(3) Who should promote my mobile app?

Here are some basics about these aspects for your mobile app promotion strategy.

(1) Media Channels

You can use all media channels that are present today to start your mobile app promotion. If it’s social media pages that you create, websites for your product or a TV clip:

The more budget you have, the more channels you can use to advertise your app during your mobile app promotion.

Since you want to attract new users, you should choose ways to get in touch with them directly on the channels they frequently use.

(2) Ad Formats & (Non-)Incent Advertising

If you choose an ad network for your mobile app promotion, they will offer you different kinds of usable ad formats. Each company has its own focus on certain aspects but there are some basic advertising formats for mobile app promotion we want to present:

Incent AdFormats:
Offerwall: Several offers are shown to users. When they choose and complete an offer they will receive a reward in exchange.
Rewarded Video: People love videos and their importance in mobile advertising has grown in the last few years. So-called rewarded videos also offer an incentive if people watch the full video. At the end of the video an end card (interstitial) is presented to the user with an invitation to download the app.

Non-Incent AdFormats:
Banners: Banners are the classic part of advertisement in the mobile market, being shown in some part of the screen. You can clearly see that banners are ads because of their inconsistency with the rest of the screen.
Native: In contrast to banners, their modern brother – a native ad – is built into the website or app in a way that it is perceived as part of the original content of the app or website.
Interstitial: It works the same way as a banner with the difference in its size because interstitials cover the full screen. You need to click it away to continue the game, return to the menu, or to start the next level.
Video: Just like with rewarded videos, users will watch the video and see an end card afterwards. The only difference is that the users won’t get rewarded for watching the video.

5 different ad formats that can be used for user acquisition

Basic ad formats for mobile app promotion © ayeT-Studios

You can also buy incent and non-incent installs for your app. This article will show you how to use them for your mobile app promotion.

(3) Ad Networks

Many companies nowadays offer mobile advertising to boost your app. They help you increase popularity and visibility of mobile apps with a personalized mobile app promotion strategy.

Of course, you need to pay for their services, however, you will get good results. So your money is well-invested.

Marketing through Influencers

Influencers who are active on social media channels can also push your mobile app promotion by publishing content about your app.

This will spread the word about products and since the audience is interested in the same topics as the influencer, you can be sure that these people tend to download and use your app.

Do you want to know more about mobile user acquisition? Click here for detailed information.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimization is an aspect for your mobile app promotion you can either do by yourself or pass it on to ad agencies who are specialized in this field.
Improving certain elements can clearly help your app ranking, which makes it the key factor of your mobile app promotion. Click here to get a very detailed description of ASO.

App Name

This is where mobile app promotion starts. The app name needs to make a good impression straight away, combining app function, creativity, and attraction at the same time.

App Design and Icon

The first visual object that is seen of your app is the app icon. It should match the general design that was chosen for the app to convey consistency.

Screenshots and Feature Graphic

Good screenshots give users an insight into your app. The more features you show, the more convinced they can be.

Feature graphics are only available on mobile devices but it should not fade into the background. With mobile app promotion, you need to reach all potential users.


You can present your app in a short video. People like watching videos more than reading text, so you can easily convince potential users to download your app if you create an appealing clip.

App Description

Catch your user’s attention in the first paragraph and, depending on the app store, you can implement some of your main keywords. An enthusiastic and informative text can be persuading and push your mobile app promotion some more.

Keyword Search and Optimization

Each app store page works with keywords, the same goes for your mobile app. Finding and testing the right keywords is the first step. However, the permanent optimization of them is more important for mobile app promotion. Monitoring and, if needed, changing the keywords could lead to better results.

Eager to learn more about your perfect keywords? Then take a look at this article.

Building Your Own Brand

A brand name can be catchy and attract new users for your app. It’s a tough road until it becomes popular on the market but you can make a good start by creating more media coverage.

This aspect of mobile app promotion can be executed by the app owner. If you are not familiar with digital media, you can hire experts.

Build Brand Assets for Your App

You can establish your brand by creating a well-designed website where you publish all necessary information about your product. Add links to the app store and your social media profiles and make sure the website gives all information new users might need.

  • Build a website for your app
  • Include app download links on your website
  • SEO matters here
  • Create a blog section on your website
  • Feature the app in your emails
  • Consider alterative app stores
  • Always collect emails
  • Cross-promote your app (if you have other apps)

A graphic about how much time is spent in apps and the mobile browser in the US

Apps are clearly preferred when going online with a mobile device © ayeT-Studios

Leverage Social Media

It’s one of the most powerful channels you will find: Many products have already gone viral through social media. You can take advantage of these channels for your mobile app promotion by publishing content about your app and letting it circulate.

  • Use Dubbler
  • Post on Pinterest
  • Share your content
  • Get in touch with your users
  • Join developers & entrepreneur groups on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on)

For more information about social media app promotion, click here.

Get a Ton of PR

Press releases will help you spread the word about your mobile app in other media institutions. If you can convince editors with a piece of paper, you can be sure that they will mention your app in a future article.

  • Apply for awards
  • Contact bloggers who would care
  • Do “real-life” marketing / recruit customers locally
  • Run a contest on your social media channels
  • Reach out to influencers
  • Comment on blogs
  • Exchange shares with other influencers
  • Get speaking opportunities


App Promotion Sites

You will find different websites on the internet to spread the word about your mobile app.

Forums, blogs, or review sites list and rate various mobile apps to give a first impression to their audience. A great way to promote your app! So try to get featured on mobile app review sites of official blogs.

Do you want to know more about it? Click here and read about app promotion sites in detail.

App Improvements

Improving an app is not a shame, even famous apps have not been perfect right from the start. You adjust your app to the needs of your users.

What exactly does your app need to become better and which feature is even superfluous? We have some tips and tricks on how you can revamp your app:

Get Feedback of Other Developers

A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved. Since other developers have the same problems, you can ask them for support. You can expect a professional advice because they know about this process.

Check Out Competitors

You can learn from the mistakes of developers with apps that have the same function as yours. Especially reviews and users’ reactions will tell you what you can do better and what you should pay attention to.

React to User Feedback

App developers rely on their users and their experiences with the app. So, start mining your apps reviews.

You should be truly interested in constructive criticism and suggestions because they are worth a mint. Users will be happy if they are heard.

Respond and Try to Resolve All Your Negative Reviews

This measure has 2 big advantages:

  • It gives you a better ranking because you take care of your users and their sorrows and criticism.
  • You can collect ideas for improvements for your app since they will explain what exactly led them to give a negative review.


When you have fixed the weaknesses of your app, the next thing to do is to update your app.

You don’t have to this for every single error. However, permanent updates show your users the dedication you have for your product.

Take Advantage of Localizations

To localize your app implies hard work, if you do it 100%:

Matching app name, screenshots, and description with the respective target language is the beginning of catching the attention of new users.

To make sure that these users can properly use your mobile app, you need to localize your app itself and its whole content, too.

Push Notifications to Push Engagement

Users only use a few apps regularly, the rest will be rather untouched or even deleted. You can remind users of using your app more frequently by integrating push notifications.

Integrate Social within the App

Of course you can place a button for your social media profiles in your app. What about a tool where you can invite new friends via social media?

You can give your mobile app a real push if users spread the word about your app, especially if they get a little reward for inviting new users.

Statistics about how the app abandonment has changed in the last 5 years

App abandonment has increased in the last 5 years © ayeT-Studios

Differences in Mobile App Promotion for iOS and Android

The two biggest app markets are Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Hence, most app developers focus on creating iOS or Android applications.
Mobile app promotion in these app stores is similar in many aspects. However, there are differences you need to consider when customizing your mobile app promotion to the respective OS.

Specialized Online Channels

As mentioned before, you can publish articles and posts about your mobile app to increase its reach. There are different industry-specialized websites for iOS and Android. So, make sure to choose the right channels for your mobile app promotion.
The world of social media offers many groups, forums, channels, and blogs that specialize on one operating system. So, keep an eye on the right ones.

Ranking Algorithm

Google and Apple created their own ranking algorithms, by which apps end up in their position in the charts. They are updated on a more or less regular basis to prevent any misuse or fraud.
As an app developer it is important to follow these changes and updates and match your mobile app promotion with them. Algorithms consider e.g. installs, ratings, uninstalls, and usage.


You will also find differences when creating the app page in the respective app store. They consist of nearly the same elements and structure. But there are things you need to consider if you want to get the best results for your mobile app promotion.
Android and iOS have some common elements (e.g. design, wording, content) but they vary the most in usage and integration of keywords:

  • Find the right keywords: For iOS apps, you only have 100 characters to set your keywords, so you have to choose them wisely. In contrast, Android apps have their keywords implemented in the description where the developer is not tied to character limits.
  • Keyword implementation: While Apple has a keyword field, Android apps contain keywords in their descriptions. App developers can palce them in the text but it is recommended to use a keyword a maximum of 5 times to prevent spamming.
  • Design a video: The big advantage for Android developers is to the possibility to create a promotion video for your mobile app that you can place on your app store page. A well-designed video can lead to more traffic for your page.

In these articles, you will find more details about Android App Promotion and iOS App Promotion.

Downloads Yes Yes
Revenue (paid apps only) No Yes
App starts (how often the app is used) Yes Yes
Number & value of reviews Yes Yes
Keyword relevance Yes Yes
Recently updated No Yes
Retention / uninstalls Yes No
Country Yes Yes
Social proof Yes No
Backlinks Yes No

Comparison of App Ranking Factors for Google and Apple © ayeT-Studios

How to Begin Mobile App Promotion

To optimize your results, you constantly need to surveil, evaluate, and improve the strategy of your mobile app promotion. Click here if you want to know the first steps for your personalized app promotion.

App developers can also take advantage of ad networks like ayeT-Studios. With multichannel ad solutions, they can acquire massive amounts of users right after your app launch and also grow and engage your user base at a constant level.

Beneath, you can find information about our pricing:

(starting at)
(starting at)
CPI 0,07$ 0,15$
CPE 0,30$ 0,30$
CPA (Signup, Registrations) On request On request
Rewarded Video (CPV) 0,020$ 0,020$
Rewarded Video (CPM) 0,50$ 0,50$


(starting at)
CPC 0,02$
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CPV 0,02$
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